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BOSS products such as mobile data communications development and operating experience

12 years of software development, project management experience, has a wealth of software development process management and quality control experience;
Has many years of experience tracking 3GPP/GSMA/OMA standards, and leadership team to participate in new business GSMA trial experience, familiar with Voice / SMS / MMS / IM / WAP / IPX / VoIP / GRX / CRX / BOSS products such as mobile data communications development and operating experience;
Extensive experience in the development process, including object-oriented design, J2EE / C programming, code management, test processes, software releases, product maintenance and support;Rich multi-threaded programming, network communications programming, performance optimization of large systems have a wealth of experience.
Rich J2EE/LDAP/XML/SOAP/ORACLE/MySQL of development experience;
With shell scripting language developed information grid deployment;Have good domain knowledge in Healthcare insurance (claim / membership / benefit and etc) and banking domain, have good experience in software testing. Have experience on leading a team with more than 10 people for more than 4 years. Also have one year team management working experience in India. Be familiar with the SDLC and ITIL process.Through four years of international business project manager, I accumulated a lot of practical experience. In the work, not only offer a number of successful, to get foreign projects. And successfully completed the project, and participated in the final project acceptance, obtain the customer's trust and satisfaction.
Responsible for bidding projects in overseas markets, and thus manage the project. Participating in overseas site installation inspection.
I am serious and responsible work, initiative, good team work. Thinking, rigorous, highly innovative and practical ability. College has won a scholarship and studying double degree in English, English to Grade 8.Year of experience in executive search consultant, negotiated a half months of the first offer, with a strong learning ability and implementation capacity; completed within 10 months total more than 30 million offerWedding Planning cleverjoe, the team at the forefront of performance, with excellent coordination, communicationOwn Personalized Wedding Card , persuasion, the abilityProficiency in the use of PRO / E, CAD product structure of the 3D, 2D design; communication and coordination ability, can be well integrated into the team, and the coordination of co-operation between team members; learning ability, can take the initiative to learn and research new technologies, new technologies have great enthusiasm, willing to accept new challenges.
Professional skills and expertise
Proficient use of AUTOCAD, PRO / E and other design software product structure 3D, 2D design; communication and coordination ability, can be well integrated into the team, and the coordination of co-operation between team members; learning ability, to proactive study and research new technologies. to boot;
Able to withstand high levels of work pressure, with a separate discovery, analysis and problem-solving abilities;Best Wedding Venue
Good teamwork capabilities, full of strong sense of responsibility and professional conduct;
Channels for one year assistant experience, proficiency in written documents and departmental documents daily; promote channels of Choosing Flowers By Season communication with distributors, channel manager to help complete the collection efforts in order to achieve the established sales ta, understand basic financial knowledge, financial management software can be applied;
Personal mature, friendly, cheerful, optimistic, positive, meticulous work, patience, self-motivated, but the points about personal gains and losses

Worked in engineering

More than five years of tension procurement, supply chain management, more than five years of research and development technical background, have the ability to familiarize themselves with different factory environments, the rapid formation of efficient supply chain management team;More than 14 years of automotive industry experience. Worked in engineering, manufacturing, quality and other departments too, are familiar with the various departments of the work processes and elements, there is a strong concept of capacity. Went to the United States, Australia, Korea, Taiwan, Germany, France, Italy and other places of work and trained.Securities and futures industry 3 years working experience, Registered Financial Planner (RFP) holder. Has passed the five qualification securities, futures qualifications, with registered gold investment analyst qualification, 2010 and hearing "Who is your finger," the best investment advisory East competition, is currently being pro forma CFA exam.
I love the financial securities industry, love of technical analysis and trading strategy, the industry has a high work ethic and interest. Work conscientiously, diligently, focusing on teamwork, and his affinity for practical, easy communication, modesty and self-discipline, good at working with colleagues, have a strong sense of professionalism and professional ethics.1) 5-year large-scale international project management experiencepretty Wedding Bouquet , 2 years overseas work experience, http://forum.mgn.ruBTG and the EPC master the full range of project management dress details andy
(2) main and auxiliary power plant equipment and familiar with the main system operation processes, understanding related power plant equipment and acceptance of national standards.
(3) station equipment business with hundreds of appliances there is a direct business contacts in the industry has a relatively wide range of connections.
(4) have strong organizational skills and the ability to analyze and solve problems independently.
(5) has a team spirit and strong sense of responsibility and ability to learn, can quickly adapt to different cultural backgrounds working environment.12 years of experience with high-tech industry, and many years of experience in foreign and large state-owned enterprises;
R & D team management has 7 years experience as a director of Aicent R & D, I was responsible for market management and development of several very good product line, the total sales revenue of more than 55%; Wedding Dresses With Modern Twists
Has a wealth of business development, product management, and pre-program support experience;
Have good communication skills and communication skills, strong learning ability, and good atmosphere in the team motivation and leadership team to achieve superior results;
There are a wealth of project management and team personnel management experience and solid technical capabilities to solve wedding cakes lilycomplex business problems and meet the tight schedule under the premise of business objectives;
Professional skills and expertise

has been employed to achieve a complete integration with investment research

First, a solid professional knowledge and skilled use of EXCEL statistics and advanced applications; for a long time to track chemicals, coal, nonferrous metals, real estate and other cyclical industry trends and stock performance, with excellent depth research report writing capabilities and timely recommended stocks the sharp edge;
Second, the personal wealth of relevant practice: in stock trading, macro and industry research report writing, etc., has been employed to achieve a complete integration with investment research;Wonderful Wedding Favor Ideas
Third, and his simple and honest, diligent and pragmatic temperament, style of doing things lean quickly, the challenge of courage under pressure and willing spirit of teamwork and innovation are my unique competitive capitalSerious and responsible, active, computer-related majors, one year of IT technical work and the accumulation of three years of sales to new customers and develop new channels, customers and dealers to communicate Wedding Favor Ideas and maintain a rich theoretical basis and practical experience. There are certain management ability of the sales, how to motivate employees and enhance team performance and collaboration have their own unique insights. Program in the Microsoft solution has strong sales ability. Like to communicate with others, coordination ability, good teamwork, flexibility, insight and strong, excellent execution.3 years, a large accounting firm, one-year "big four" accounting firm audit experience and 1 year working experience in large manufacturing enterprises accunting; involved in various types of industry's first stock market audit (IPO) and large enterprise audit projects, has a wealth of experience in financial theory and practice; with Chinese CPA professional qualification certificates (CPA), qualification certificates, securities business qualification certificates.I am a person who constantly demanded progress. Worked as a teacher, librarian, has access to large European and American foreign-funded enterprises engaged in the sale of eight years, eight years of human resource management, Wedding Favor Ideas but also try to engage in private human resources / administration. My company recently a vice president involved in the enterprise in the fighting on the edge of life and death, Li has been practicing, have more insights and richer experience. I work at a company from a customer service staff promoted to sales manager in another company human resources manager was promoted from director of human resources, but also a company director, was promoted to vice president of human Delicate Wedding Favorsresources is the ability of my evidence of a strong, multinational corporations standardize the management of my building and the courage to enter the private sector is exploring the ability to quickly upgrade me a valuable opportunity to work for the future I will bring more business value.

Monday, July 12, 2010


10 years experience in Sales& Marketing
Solid marketing project management skills
Strong in consumercheap lacoste polo shirts products distribution and distributor management
High capability to motivateprom dresses organizations, communication skill More than 15 years experience in software development. 8 years working experience in the Netherlands. Worked for companies as Philipsprom dress, Atos-Origin,cheap prom dress C-Content and VANAD group. Now still working in the Netherlands as software architect/project leader.
I like learning new things as I believe in lifelong learning. I adapt well, am highly motivated and am a fast learner who works hard to achieve what I believe in. I am known as a positive and responsible executive with a great attitude. I face challenges head on and take up responsibilities and am willingpolo shirts to go the extra mile to get the job done. I can be a leader or a follower who puts the benefits of the company as top priority.
Career Objective:
To take on a senior executive position with full P&L responsibilities for the APAC region.
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Wave of Android Smartphones Outsells Apple

A storefront in one of the busiest shopping districts in downtown Portland, Ore., is painted black, with "Droid Does" in large letters over the doors.
Orchestrated by carrier Verizon Wireless, aggressive promotions such as this one for Motorola's (MOT) Droid smartphone, plus a blitz of direct mail, newspaper, and TV ads, and two-for-one deals on Android-powered handsets, lifted first-quarter sales of smartphones based on Google's (GOOG) Android operating system above sales of Apple's (AAPL) iPhone for the first time, market researcher NPD Group reported on May 10.
Android-powered phones accounted for 28 percent of all smartphones sold in the U.S., exceeding Apple's 21 percent share during the quarter, NPD said. Research in Motion's (RIMM) BlackBerry models led the category with a 36 percent share.
Leapfrogging Apple is an important milestone—and not just for Android, an open-source software developed by a consortium of companies led by Google. NPD's report also shows how quickly Verizon Wireless has become a central player in the fast-growing market for the pocket computers known as smartphones. In the first quarter, Verizon customers bought 30 percent of all smartphones sold in the U.S., nearly equaling the 32 percent share of AT&T (T), which has an exclusive contract to sell the iPhone, according to the report. AT&T also sells an Android handset from Motorola and plans to carry an upcoming Android smartphone from Dell (DELL).
Verizon no longer seen as desperate
Until recently, Verizon was an also-ran in the smartphone market. It carried the BlackBerry, but didn't have a breakthrough consumer-oriented smartphone to compete with the iPhone. Analysts were calling for Verizon to strike a deal with Apple to distribute the iPhone. Last December, Verizon said it had effected network upgrades that would enable its network to handle extra traffic should Apple decide to expand the number of carriers authorized to sell iPhones.
Last November's launch of the Android-powered Droid improved Verizon's fortunes in the smartphone market. The Droid, with its sleek design and ability to run many downloadable apps—and backed by a highly visible marketing campaign—is helping Verizon catch up. In the past several months, Verizon Wireless has proven that if it does get the iPhone, "it won't be out of some pressing need," says Tavis McCourt, an analyst at Morgan Keegan & Co. (RF), who has an "outperform" rating on Apple shares.
Rising shipments of Android phones could also spur developers to create additional apps for the platform. "Market share is a contributing factor to which operating system developers want to support," says Ross Rubin, executive director of industry analysis at NPD. On Apr. 15, the Android Market app store carried 38,000 applications such as games, calendars, and e-books. Apple's App Store has more than 200,000 apps, the company says.Android taking share from most
The smartphone market is experiencing a flurry of activity. Apple is expected to introduce a new version of the iPhone this summer. Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) on Apr. 28 announced it would buy Palm (PALM) for $1.2 billion. And Microsoft (MSFT) is expected to release a new smartphone operating system called Windows Phone 7 in the second half of the year. NPD analyst Rubin says consumers aren't likely to hold off on buying iPhones in anticipation of the new model. "We don't tend to see a lot of purchase delay," he says.
In the third quarter of 2009, Android phones claimed only 3 percent of the U.S. smartphone market. In the first quarter, Android phones have taken market share away from Apple, RIM, Microsoft, and Palm, according to NPD. RIM's unit share of U.S. smartphone sales slipped a bit from 37 percent in the fourth quarter, when the Droid and several other Android phones went on sale, to 36 percent in the first quarter, according to NPD. Microsoft Windows' share dropped from 13 percent in the fourth quarter, to 10 percent in the first quarter.
Verizon's Android line up includes Motorola Droid and Devour phones, plus the new Droid Incredible from HTC. "There's no question Apple's done a great job with the iPhone," Verizon Chief Financial Officer John Killian said during the company's first-quarter call with investors on Apr. 22. "But look at our results."my asp
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Excitement over $1 trillion euro plan fades, euro slips

The emergency plan -- the biggest since G20 leaders threw money at the global economy following the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008 -- impressed markets with its sheer size and sparked a spectacular rally in world stocks and the euro.Yet financial markets turned cautious when they reopened for business in Asia on Tuesday, with investors concerned that the plan was not a long-term solution to problems plaguing the 11-year old single currency area.In a sobering note, the International Monetary Fund said that even though Greece's public debt was sustainable over the medium term, the nation whose debt woes spurred the unprecedented euro zone action, faced plenty of risks.Moody's credit ratings agency also warned it might downgrade Portugal's debt rating and further cut Greece's to junk status, noting the contagion effect of Greece's crisis on other euro zone members.
"Contagion has spread from Greece -- historically a weaker credit in the context of the euro zone -- to sovereigns with stronger credit metrics like Portugal, Ireland and Spain," Moody's said.
Stock markets started with modest gains, but turned negative with Tokyo shares down 0.9 percent and markets elsewhere in Asia-Pacific down 1 percent, a far cry from a nearly 4 percent jump in Wall Street blue chips overnight.
The euro slipped 0.5 percent against the yen and traded 0.2 percent down from late U.S. trade against the dollar after it climbed as much as 3 percent on the rescue news.
"Even though one of the worst scenarios -- a Greek default -- has been avoided for now, in many ways solving the bigger problems have simply been postponed and new issues could emerge in places such as Portugal and Spain," said Nagayuki Yamagishi, a strategist at Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities.
In another sign of market caution, safe-haven U.S. Treasuries stabilized in Asian trade after Monday's plunge.
Markets initially cheered the rescue plan as a sign that for the first time in the six months of a deepening debt crisis, European leaders appear to have got ahead of the curve with decisive action.
But the deal left many longer-term questions about whether Europe's weakest economies can manage their debt and how the European Union can develop more coherent economic and fiscal policies to underpin the single currency.
With many ations saddled with record deficits after they pumped trillions of dollars into their economies during the global crisis, officials from Washington to Beijing applauded Europe's efforts to keep the crisis contained within its bounds.
WAKE-UP CALLIn Japan, the world's most indebted industrialized nation, government officials warned Tokyo could no longer take investors' willingness to bankroll its spending for granted.
Japan so far has had no trouble financing its deficits, even as its public debt is forecast to reach 200 percent of GDP within a year or so, thanks to a vast pool of domestic savings and reliance on domestic investors to foot the bill.
But this could change, Strategy Minister Yoshito Sengoku warned, saying financial markets may start taking note of Japan's debt burden, while Finance Minister Naoto Kan said next year's new borrowing should not exceed this year's new bond sales.
"Japan needs to draw a lesson from Greece's problems and to take steps on fiscal discipline with a stronger sense of crisis than before," he told a news conference on Tuesday.
European leaders sprung into action and cobbled together a package that dwarfed the 110 billion euro rescue for Greece after interbank lending started freezing up on Friday in an ominous reminder of the Lehman crisis.
With memories still fresh of how the U.S. subprime market's collapse spiraled into a global financial and economic crisis, Europe acted out of concern that after pummeling profligate Greece, markets could take aim at other fiscally weak nations, threatening the stability of the whole euro area.
Concerns that credit markets could freeze again also appeared to have forced the European Central Bank's hand, which joined the rescue with a pledge to buy government bonds -- a "nuclear option" it had resisted for months.
Euro zone central banks immediately began implementing the ECB's part of the deal, buying government bonds in the open market.
The move impressed analysts just as much as the size of the 750 billion euro package of standby funds and loan guarantees that could be tapped by euro zone governments shut out of credit markets.
That amount includes 250 billion euros that the IMF could contribute, even though its No. 2 official John Lipsky said his institution had not earmarked any money for euro zone countries and help would be provided on a case-by-case basis.
Fears that the crisis could spread well beyond Greece, helped overcome initial resistance in Germany and other nations to a bailout after Athens had for years misled its EU peers about the true state of its finances.
"This package serves to strengthen and protect our common currency," German Chancellor Angela Merkel told reporters in Berlin.
Germany and the Netherlands, sticklers for budget discipline, insisted the rescue program was linked to the same kind of draconian austerity measures already imposed on Greece.
Dutch Finance Ministe Jan Kees de Jager told parliament Spain and Portugal had made a commitment to cut their budgets substantially in 2010 and 2011 as a condition for the safety net. EU Monetary Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn said both states must commit themselves to further savings this year too.
Spain said it had no intention of drawing on the funds.give me your song
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